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Friday, February 01, 2008
Kyocera Solar Panels: Home Generated Electricity
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Kyocera MyGen Home Solar Panel Kit

One company that is one of the leaders in the home solar power market is Kyocera of Japan and their solar business Kyocera Solar ( is growing rapidly. Kyocera Solar has announced that it will increase its total annual production at the Shiga Yohkaichi, solar cell manufacturing plant in Japan from 180MW (2007) to 500 MW in 2011, or almost triple.

The key to Kyocera's success is that it is marketing a total solution to the home consumer called the MyGen Solar Kit. The Kyocera home solar kits can generate continuous lab accredited AC power of between 1265 to 2679 watts and the costs for these systems vary from US$ 14,716 to US$ 25,989 within the United States. The commercial aspect of these kits is that they are designed to integrate fully with the electric utility grid and can generate electricity backwards for credit against any power taken from the utility.

Where these kits are excellent is in high solar regions like the U.S., Australia, the Middle East, Mexico, India and China and other solar intense regions. The power output capacity varies dependent upon where you live. Somebody living in Montreal, Canada would probably do better to buy a wind generation kit, but if you live in Las Vegas, Nevada or Phoenix, Arizona the power generation is excellent and can be almost double the capacity of a solar home unit located in medium-low solar region.

Kyocera Solar, and other solar panel manufacturers, like Nanosolar in California and Honda Soltec of Japan, will offer solar generation capability that allows you to stay connected to the electric utility's grid for your peak power needs, but reverse credit the grid with solar generated electricity from your roof when you are away or using little electricity.

The most effective way to price justify these home solar units is to amortize their cost over 25 years as a capital enhancement to the property value. Kyocera offers a 20 year warranty and states that the panels are designed for a 30 year duration lifespan or possibly longer. Currently the home valuations do not price these kits in well for onwards selling to another home purchaser, but one can foresee ten years from now when they will be an asset and be considered an essential part of a home in any high solar region.

Some homebuilders in places like Nevada and Arizona have started to offer the solar electricity generation kits as an option that can be amortized within the total purchase price of the home. Based on today's prices for electricity, and if amortized over twenty five years in a high intensity solar region, these kits could start to make you money after ten or fewer years as electricity costs rise.

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