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Sunday, October 26, 2008
KTM Revelator Prime Racing Bike
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2009 KTM Revelator Prime Road Racing Bike - 6.7 kg

We were at the Cycle Show in the United Kingdom on October 9, 2008, held at Earls Court in London, and checked-out some of the new 2009 cycle products from KTM. We'll cover the new 2009 KTM Score Prestige Mountain Bike in another article, but for this bit of print, its KTM's 2009 Revelator Prime carbon road racer that we'll discuss (see photo). The KTM Revelator Prime is KTM's second lightest production road racer at 6.7 kg (14.74 lbs), with the lightest being their Hyper-Rigid  KTM Revelator Prestige at 6.2 kg (13.64 lbs). KTM's two top of the line road racers are full carbon composite constructions much like the technology embedded in Formula 1 components.

In the mountain bike category, KTM is an extremely strong marque, and for 2009 there is an extra push from their engineering to put some very competitive road racing bikes in the field. The 2009 KTM Revelator Prime is a professional road racing cycle suitable for competitive use at the highest levels. The Revelator Prime's frame is a KTM-PRO-HR-FCM full carbon composite construction, referred to by KTM as Hyper-Rigid and weighs approximately 0.950 kg (2.09 lbs). The frame is made up of carbon layers in a monocoque construction with a triangular head tube for frontal strength during climbs. The front forks are JS-1003 full carbon with a conical side profile for rigidity and with carbon dropouts.

KTM has specified Shimano's top of the line Dura Ace series on the Revelator Prime for almost all of the hardware (front and rear derailleurs, shifters, front and rear calipers, brake levers; the crankset is a Dura Ace Hollowtech II, and the sprocket a Dura Ace 12-25.

For the dynamic wheelset, KTM has chosen Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR rims (made of carbon composites), and Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLR hubs front and rear, and the spokes are also carbon. Tires are Schwalbe Ultremo R foldable's (23-622). For steering the handlebars and headset are FSA Plasma Integral Combo and the grip is Ritchey Pro Tape. The saddle on the Revelator Prime is by Selle and a Selle Italia Kit Carboni Flow, with a Ritchey Stubby 34.9 mm seat post.

The 2009 KTM Revelator Prime is available in frame sizes 52, 55, 57 and 59.

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