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Saturday, November 15, 2008
Kate Ryan - 2008 World Music Awards
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Kate Ryan Performs At The 2008 20th World Music Awards

The very beautiful and talented Kate Ryan performed at the 2008 20th World Music Awards last weekend in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. She also won the World Music Award for Best Selling Artists From Around The World - Benelux category. Kate Ryan's latest album, "Free", was released internationally in June 2008 and it is her fourth career album to date.

Kate's single "Ella Elle L'a" went gold over the summer and hit the top ten in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and other countries. Ella Elle L'a is sung in French, but it has a huge international appeal and in the Ella Elle L'a music video, the irresistable Ryan wins over many. The song gets a lot of play within the top DJ nightclubs around the world as a song to get up and dance to.

Kate will be hitting the airwaves internationally with the support of her record label Universal Music International for the upcoming year. Kate has an excellent spontaneity in front of the camera on or off the stage. She delivered an excellent performance, including a superb dance choreography, at the 2008 Awards in Monaco last Sunday.   

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