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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Joel Blanc - Artist and Sculptor
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Professional Artist Joel Blanc Famous For Capturing The Instant

PARIS, FRANCE - theirEarth photographed the incredible Joel Blanc at the start of the 2009 Tour De France. Joel is a very well known sports painter and sculptor in France, who has his studio in Paris. While our photographer was busy taking pictures of the world's best cyclists, Joel Blanc was capturing many images in paint and doing so with incredible speed. It is actually very difficult to paint as Joel does, because there are a hoard of professional photographers around him trying to get their images of cyclists like Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador at the starting grid at the same time.

Joel Blanc's specialty is "L'art de l'instant", or art of the instant. He was born in Toulon, France (South of France) in 1946, and studied classical arts when he was younger, and he has a strong admiration for the Grand Masters. His passion for capturing the instant in Art was born in events like Show Jumping, where he captured the images of the horses and riders in bronze sculptures and in paint. Joel's art moved into the big league when in 2004 at the Rolland Garros tournament he started paintiing the professional tennis players on the court and he followed this in 2005 at the Monte-Carlo Masters. 

Joel Blanc has exhibited his art each year at the Majestic and the Martinez in Cannes, France, and each year he takes a prime position at the Cannes Film Festival to display his art. He also exhibits his works in Palm Beach in the United States. In all his work he says there is always a classical element filtering through as he expresses his ideas in the flash of a moment.


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