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Thursday, April 09, 2009
Italy Global Champions Tour
Image: © 2009 Global Champions Tour

2009 Italian Global Champions Tour - Grand Prix Event

AREZZO, ITALY - The Global Champions Tour was in Arezzo, Italy last weekend and this photo of Henk van der Pol, riding his horse 'Rhodos', was taken as he jumped the Rolex Fence during the event.  For the prestigious Grand Prix event of the 2009 Italy Global Champions Tour, there were 49 competitors who entered the initial round, with the prize money set at 95,000 Euros for first place.  Eighteen riders made it through to the event's second stage, and at the end of this round there were ten riders who had completed the course on equal faults, so a jump off against the clock was required.

In the jump off, there were ten riders competing from the second round. Denis Lynch of Ireland went out first and unfortunately knocked down the second fence but had a very quick overall time of 33.52 seconds for the course. Rolf-Goran Bengtsson went out next on his horse 'Ninja le Silla' and had no faults (no jumped fences knocked down), but his time was slower at 35.70.

The winner of the jump off with the best time and no faults was European showjumping champion Marco Kutchner at 34.55, riding his horse 'Cash', who picked up the 95,000 Euros first place prize money. In second was Michel Robert riding 'Kellemoi de Pepita' at 35.04, and third place was taken by Bernardo Alves on 'Chupa Chup 2' at 35.6 seconds.

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