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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
Hydrogen: A Clean Investment For The Future - 3 Companies To Watch
Image: courtesy of Honda Motor Co. (

Praxair, Linde, and Air Products

There are few opportunities that one has in one’s lifetime to gain entrance into a new investment strategy that will bring strong returns from your original investment. If you were very wise, you would have invested in Microsoft’s initial IPO when you saw that they were the company that discreetly appeared on the screen and the disks of personal computers sold by IBM in 1983.

Similarly, an investment in Google, the search engine to the world, that went public on August 19, 2004 at an initial price of $85 per share, and has peaked in 2007 to close at over $600 per share, would have returned a 606% increase in your investment in just over 3 years.

In the clearly approaching Environmental Economy, there are a number of industries and market sectors that are poised to take part in the rapidly changing landscape to alternative energies. One of these is the bulk gas market, purely for the need to manufacture and distribute hydrogen and the logistics behind this. Gases are not easy to transport and you need experience in these before you can grow the physical base of a company in this industry.

Bulk gas companies to watch are Air Products (APD) $98.85 US (Oct 1/07), trading on the NYSE U.S.A,, Linde (LIN.DE) 88.20 Euros (Oct 2/07) trading on XETRA Germany, and Praxair (PX) $84.08 US, trading on the NYSE, USA. All of these companies have experienced significant rises in their valuations during 2007, and this trend will probably continue.

President Bush initiated the US on its path towards sustainable energy when he supported the a zero emissions energy security policy for Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Fuel Cells during his address at the Major Economies Meeting on Energy Security and Climate change held last week in Washington, DC on September 28, 2007. Additionally, the European Union is clearly committed to this initiative with the Dutch and Germans having some of the largest Wind Farms in operation. The Japanese, under the leadership of Honda Motor Company are very close to offering a mass produced Hydrogen Fuel Cell car called the FCX Concept (see the Motoring Section of this site).

Fuel Cells produce electricity for an automobile’s electric propulsion motors, using the fuel of Hydrogen (H2), Oxygen (O2), a platinum electrode, and an exchange membrane and the output is clean water H20 that you can pour on your plants. Solar energy will eventually be used as the source to produce Hydrogen, but at the moment it is produced by using electricity from another energy source. The State of California is moving rapidly to the Hydrogen Economy – see the Government Category of this Site.

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