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Sunday, April 05, 2009
Hu Jintao - Gordon Brown
Image: © 2009 Richard Lewis / G-20 London Summit

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Greets President Of China Hu Jintao

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - President Of China, Hu Jintao is shown photographed with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the ExCel Centre for the G-20 London Summit. The G-20 World Leaders met in the Docklands region of London, which is close to Canary Wharf in the United Kingdom. China joined the United Kingdom and other G-20 countries in giving generous financial support within a jointly agreed Summit Communique to help developing and poorer nations.

It was an historic Summit and brought the best of cooperation together amongst all of the G-20 Leaders to tackle the financial crisis. A huge challenge still exists, however, in transforming the global financial system into one that promotes long-term investment, jobs, and growth while at the same time saving world environments.

The G-20 will join other nations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December of this year, and the creation of the first all-nation building blocks towards a sustainable Planet that supports all of humanity will be an essential outcome of the Copenhagen Agenda. Re-creating the natural global environment of around 1900, becoming caretakers of the Planet, and ensuring the continuity of all that has come before us is not just good talk - it is an essential element of the future itself.

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Hu Jintao - Gordon Brown
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