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Saturday, May 02, 2009
Honda Walking Assist Device
Image: © 2009 Honda Motor Co.

Honda Demonstrates Its New Walking Assist For The Disabled

NEW YORK, U.S.A. - American Honda Motor Co. demonstrated its two new prototype walking assist devices - the 'Stride Management Assist' and the 'Bodyweight Support Assist' last month in New York in the United States. The two new Honda walking assist devices are designed for the elderly or others with weakened leg muscles who can still perform the walking stride but need assistance in the form of additional power. Both models are rechargeable and use a lithium ion battery pack.

The device shown in the photo is the Stride Management Assist, which allows minimally disabled persons the ability to take more lengthened strides from the lithium battery powered device. Using hip angle sensors, the Stride Management Assist, has a built in CPU computer chip that builds a unique profile of the walking movements of the user and then supplements their stride with additional power that is timed to their standard movement. The Honda Stride Management Assist is therefore able to increase the stride and the walking performance of the user giving them a better quality of life.

Honda's other product for those with weakened leg muscles is the Bodyweight Support Assist (not shown), which reduces the downward force loading on the users leg muscles and joints to provide additional standing energy and walking support assistance. The Bodyweight Support Assist device includes a seat, a frame, and shoes that form a combined integral structure that is aligned with the users own leg structure. This new Honda prototype device is for those who find the physical exertion of standing and walking a challenge.

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Honda Walking Assist Device
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