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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Honda Insight Hybrid - 2010 Model
ClikImage: © 2009 Honda Motor Co.

Honda Creates Some 'Insight' Into The Future

(Detroit) - Honda had the production version of their 2010 Honda Insight hybrid on display at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week. Its one of the cars that Honda hopes will re-ignite the demand for vehicle sales in the United States while at the same time merging with their corporate philosophy to introduce products that are good for the environment. Honda has said that the all new Honda Insight model will become available in Honda showrooms starting in the month of April 2009.

From a fuel efficiency perspective, the 2010 Honda Insight hybrid gets an EPA test fuel economy consumption rating of city 40 U.S MPG (5.88 L/100 km or 48 Imp. MPG) and highway 43 U.S. MPG (5.47 L/100 km or 51.6 Imp. MPG). The Insight has an onboard fuel computer which allows the driver to adjust the performance of the Insight to 'ECONOMY' which enacts optimum fuel efficiency. From an aerodynamics perspective, the Honda Insight hybrid derives some of its design from the revolutionary Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell car, and additionally the car has been given a low centre of gravity which helps with handling and cornering.

The Honda Insight hybrid has a 1.3 litre SOHC aluminium-alloy i-VTEC engine that is integrated with a 10 kW (13 hp) electric assist motor mounted in the car's transmission. The Insight's transmission is a CVT type (Continuously Variable Transmission), and the low power electric motor helps to assist in slow speed acceleration from a stop (traffic lights), which saves fuel. During braking, the Honda IMA electric motor reverses polarity and uses the deceleration kinetic energy of the car to charge the lithium ion battery. The Honda Insight has a 10.6 U.S. gallon fuel tank, giving it a range of 400 miles (640 km) on a full tank.

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