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Monday, December 08, 2008
Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sports Car
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Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sports Car - Efficient Performance

At the Paris Auto Show (October 4-19, 2008), Honda displayed their CR-Z hybrid sports car and showcased the advanced technology built into the vehicle. Honda expects to release the first production versions of the CR-Z by December 2009, and it will be priced slightly below the cost of a Civic Hybrid.

The CR-Z is a significant Honda engineering effort to create a sporty hybrid car, and they have worked hard to reduce the weight of the car in order to improve its performance. The meaning of CR-Z is 'Compact Renaissance Zero', which for Honda means that the car has started a new era on the road towards zero emissions and Honda's support of technology that ensures the Planet's sustainability.

The CR-Z concept car that Honda displayed in Paris had wireless enabled technology, including Bluetooth connectivity. The CR-Z's front headlights are LED type and there is a glass roof to give an open cabin feel. The Honda CR-Z is started by means of a push button, and occupants sit on lightweight space frame mesh covered seats. The CR-Z has large 19-inch rims with low profile sports tires. For the rear glass, Honda has a designed a two piece split level glass window.

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