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Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Honda 3R-C Electric Vehicle
Image: © 2010

Honda Creates An Electric Urban Commuter

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Honda Motor Co. will premiere their Honda 3R-C Electric concept vehicle today (March 2, 2010) at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show (2010 Salon International de l'automobile Geneve). Honda says that the 3R-C is a high efficiency single seat three wheel concept car for the future and has been designed for the urban commute. Honda engineers have mounted the electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack low in the 3R-C in order to give the vehicle a low centre of gravity and excellent cornering capability.

Developed by Honda's Milan, Italy Research & Design facility, the Honda 3R-C Electric has a canopy windshield that rotates down to cover the driver cabin whilst the vehicle is parked, and then lifts up to become the windshield when the driver enters the car. Honda has also designed driver side protection into the 3R-C electric car, and although the cabin is open to the sky during vehicle operation, the driver is enveloped in a cabin that significantly reduces exposure to the elements. Honda has also designed into the 3R-C a lockable storage compartment in the front facia for the driver to carry luggage and groceries/shopping items.

As a zero emissions electric car, the Honda 3-RC would benefit from some of the tax and purchase credit incentives offered in some world markets if Honda decided to produce it commercially. Honda's 3R-C is a blend of the company's motorcycle and car technology with the addition of knowledge gained from producing electric drivetrain systems from their current line of hybrid cars like the 2010 Honda Civic and 2010 Honda Insight. 
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