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Monday, June 22, 2009
Guy Lagache - Capital
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Guy Lagache - Star Of The French Network M6's "Capital" Series

PARIS, FRANCE - When French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants a top journalist to discuss his country's business issues with, he knows he'll find quality when he turns to France's star journalist and presenter Guy Lagache. Guy Lagache is the Anchor and Managing Editor of the M6 French Network's "Capital" television show that each week broadcasts in-depth interviews and analysis about the world's financial and economic issues, with reporting that has high ethical standards for journalism. Probably one of the premiere qualities President Sarkozy admires about Guy Lagache is that like himself, Guy is not one to let key issues sit idle without some objective resolution, and he brings this quality to his "Capital" television show.

We spoke with Guy earlier this month at the 2009 Monte-Carlo Television Festival, and had an opportunity to learn about the hard work that he puts into producing the "Capital" show each week. Lagache is totally bilingual, speaking excellent French and English, and he has a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University in New York. In addition to keeping a keen eye on the world's business issues, he is just as interested in all types of world affairs and learning everything about different cultures.

Guy said that at the height of the current financial crisis, he was asked to put together an 80 minute show about the root cause sources of the crisis problems in just 5 days. He reiterated to us that it was a topic "full of enormous complexity" and the broadcast had to be created so that it was understandable to the people of France in an evening format. As Managing Editor of "Capital", Guy Lagache has a staff of 15 reporters working on building the productions for upcoming weeks. Lagache says that each show generally take about 2 months from start to finish to complete.

The first four weeks of developing a "Capital" broadcast piece are generally spent developing the script, and also researching the episode details for accuracy. Then the crews go out and start the filming and interviews based upon the earlier research. Sometimes, Lagache says, a "Capital" show may take three months to produce if the subject matter is complex or detailed, and research is needed to confirm the accuracy for the program. When he spoke to us about a "Capital" episode that he had completed last year in Canada, it was incredible to see how well he had remembered all of the detail and facts that had gone into making the production.

When Guy Lagache has time to take a break from the hard work he puts into producing his "Capital" television show, he says he likes to go jogging and enjoys reading. His musical interests lean towards listening to Hip-Hop and Rock, and he is also an avid follower of cinema, enjoying to watch both French and American motion pictures, and following the performances of the acting community both in France and in Hollywood.


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