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Friday, May 02, 2008
Gitane Electric Bicycle - La Poste
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France's Post Office Goes Electric - Gitane E-Bike

French postal employees will get some electric powered help in riding their bicycles to deliver the mail when they use the Gitane E-Bike. Gitane, a French bicycle manufacturer based in Machecoul, France (near Nantes) has configured their E-Bike electric pedal assist bicycle for use by France's national postal service La Poste. Gitane offers the E-Bike in two models. Their E-Bike 3 has a 3 Ah batterry and a range of 35 km in the 'Eco' mode, whereas the E-Bike 8 has an 8 Ah battery with a maximum range of 70 km in 'Eco' mode.

The E-Bike is a pedal assist bicycle that provides electric powered assistance to the rider in either 'eco' , 'medium' or 'maximum' assist. The 'maximum' level would correspond to the assistance level provided for steep hill climbing. The E-Bike has an aluminium frame and weighs 21 kg (approx. 46 lbs). There are three hub gears on the bicycle which are changed automatically as you ride it. There is also an automatic headlight that comes on once the level of sunlight diminishes.

In France, Gitane's list price for the E-Bike 3 is 1099 Euros and the E-Bike 8 lists at 1299 Euros.

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