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Wednesday, May 06, 2009
Gitane E-Bike 3 - Electric Bicycle
Image: © 2009 Gitane

Gitane's Electric Pedal Assist Bicycle Is Value Priced - 999.00 Euros

ROMILLY-SUR-SEINE, FRANCE - Gitane Bicycles of France has entered the world market in the last year with their full range of electric pedal assist bicycles. Gitane's e-bike range provides electric pedal power assistance for commutes, climbing hills or just general riding. Our theirEarth Cycling Editorial Group recently reviewed Gitane's entry level 'e-bike 3', which is a lithium-ion battery powered bicycle that is rechargeable and sold in Europe at a very attractive list price of just 999 Euros (approx. 1,350 U.S. Dollars).

Gitane e-bikes are available in men's and women's frame configurations, but the e-bike 3 is currently only available in a woman's frame with the two available colours of Magneta Pink or Black. The e-bike 3 is marketed directly to those women who want electric bicycle mobility, and Gitane's first available men's frame cycle is the 'e-bike 8', which costs 1499 Euros. For the woman who wants a cycle to get around the town that is well made, the Gitane e-bike 3 has some excellent features and engineering.

The full range of Gitane e-bike models (available in men's and women's frames) are: e-bike 8, e-bike 8+, e-bike 10, and e-Bike 10+, with the 10+ model costing 1999 Euros. Gitane's e-bike are generally priced based upon the size/duration of the lithium-ion battery supplied, and also for some added on features.

The frame of the e-bike 3 should last quite some time as it is made of aluminium and the total weight of the bicycle including the battery is 21 kg (46.2 lbs). It is available in two frame sizes 45 cm (Medium), and 50 cm (Large). The rear derailleur is a Shimano 6-speed and the front crankset has the electric motor/battery integrated with it in an enclosed housing (as seen in the photo). The battery can be unlocked and removed from the e-bike for remote charging. The e-bike 3 has an advertised total cycling electric powered range of 35 km (21.9 miles), when set on the ECO assistance mode.

There are three available power assist modes (eco, standard, or max) and the handlebar mounted controller includes a gauge to indicate your charge level. Gitane says that charging the e-bike 3 takes 3 hours off a regular household outlet (AC 100-230V). The electric motor is a brushless type, and weighs 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs). The e-bike 3's lithium-ion battery weighs 1.2 kg (2.64 lbs), has a charge duration of 500 cycles, and is locked in place on the e-bike by means of a key.

The e-bike 3 comes with a rear carrier made of aluminium upon which there are many types of carrier bag models that can be mounted on the back. There are is both a front light (2.4W) and a rear light (0.6 W) so that you can drive the bike at night. In Europe, all pedal assist bicycles are governed by an EU regulation that limits their maximum speed to 25 km/h (15.6 mph) when the bicycle's electric motor is running and providing its maximum assistance.

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