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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
Geneva Motor Show 2009
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79th International Geneva Motor Show - Switzerland

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - The 79th International Geneva Motor Show (79e Salon De L'Auto Et Accessories Geneve) opened today to journalists (Tuesday March 3, 2009) for two days and it will open to the public from March 5 through to March 15. Regardless of the current financial crisis, this years Geneva Motor Show is spectacular and all of the world's automobile manufacturers have come to Geneva to display their latest cars.

Much like at the 2008 Paris Motor Show at the end of last year, the theme in Geneva was efficiency and some of the manufacturers had clearly made strides in their engineering to improve the fuel consumption of their engines and to advance hybrid and electric car technology. We photographed the smart fortwo cabriolet today and also smart's two electric cars the fortwo electric drive and their new Brabus ED (Electric Drive) concept car.

Over at BMW their Efficient Dynamics strategy has created some very powerful yet low polluting and efficient cars that significantly improve upon earlier models for fuel efficiency using new engine design technology in the 1, 3 and 5 series cars. Mercedes-Benz was also at Geneva in force with their BlueEfficiency and BlueTec cars, and this included the introduction of the new E-Class BlueEfficiency models. Mercedes-Benz BlueEfficiency engineering applies to all of the diesel variant car types that they have engineered to be ultra fuel efficient yet still powerful in acceleration.

Toyota had two noteworthy new cars on display and these were the Prius Plug-In Hybrid and their new iQ Electric concept car. The Toyota iQ's generated a lot of attention as they have only recently been released to showrooms in large volumes in Europe, and many people have still not caught a glimpse of the new highly efficient engineering small car shape that Toyota has created.

At the Honda booth, the new Honda Insight was on display in numerous examples and colours, and this should prove to be a strong competitor to Toyota's Prius in the 5-passenger mid-size hybrid segment. Honda also displayed their 2-passenger CR-Z hybrid sports car, which should go on sale later this year.

Over in the Green Zone at the Geneva Motor Show there was the Tesla Roadster supercar, which unfortunately would probably have been better positioned by being showcased close to the likes of Ferrari, Lotus and Porsche. Also on display in the Green Zone was Nissan's Nuvo electric concept car. Nissan is working hard to bring out a production electric car for the 2010 model year.

For those who like Formula 1, there were 2009 examples of Ferrari's and Renault's new F1 cars and on the second floor of the show you could see a large assortment of past F1 cars from teams like Jaguar and Renault along with the driver's name on the air scoop who last drove the F1 car. The Formula 1 cars were displayed in association with Formula 1 Management.

For those who can get to Geneva, Switzerland over the next two weeks, the Geneva Motor Show offers all the latest cars from the world's manufacturers to see and appreciate.

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