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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
General Motors EN-V Electric Concept
Image: © 2010 General Motors Corp.

GM's EN-V Electric Concept Vehicle Debuts In Shanghai

SHANGHAI, CHINA - General Motors demonstrated their three electric EN-V concept vehicle at the SAIC-GM "Drive to 2030" Pavillion of World Expo 2010 Shanghai this month. Shown in the photograph is the Miao (Magic) model - the two other EN-V models were named Jiao (Pride) and Xiao (Laugh). The General Motors EN-V is a two seat electric vehicle with EN-V standing for Electric Networked-Vehicle. The EN-V can turn in tight spots and the concept is to reduce traffic congestion and emissions for the future while still providing significant mobility in urban environments.

The GM EN-V also has in-vehicle communications connectivity with wireless, global positioning (GPS) and videoconferencing capability for vehicle to vehicle communications. The EN-V concept vehicles are being demonstrated at World Expo 2010 Shanghai through to October 31 and selected participants have an opportunity to take a test drive.

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