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Monday, March 17, 2008
G20 Meet In Japan - Emissions Reductions Talks

G20 Meeting - Glacial Ice Melting At Very Fast Rate

China, the United States, Germany, India, Japan and the other G20 countries met in Chiba, Japan over the weekend as part of the start of two years of talks that will develop an agreement amongst all major industrialised countries to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered an opening address to the G20 in which he stated that all countries whether developed or developing have an obligation to reduce their pollution and contribute to an overall reduction in global emissions.

Although the talks this weekend are considered to have been positive towards the establishment of reduction targets, many believe that there is still too much emphasis by all countries on the economics of reductions versus the timeframe and quantity of reductions required by each country. Concepts like a 'developing' and 'developed' economy are being used in relation to the obligation to reduce emissions and set targets. Some would argue that what is important for the planet and humanity is the volume of pollution each country is currently emitting and the reductions required by each to ensure the survival of all of us. From a global pollution reduction perspective, there will be no value in reducing pollution in one part of the world and increasing it in another.

Planet saving milestones developed by the United Nations Environment Programme to reverse the build up of global greenhouse gas emissions need to be accepted by all countries. Scientists believe a more rapid response by all the major emitters to reduce pollution and conserve energy in proportion to UNEP established global reduction targets is what is required. Recent reports from the UN have indicated that over the last four years the Arctic and Antarctic glacial ice has melted at an incredibly fast rate, and unfortunately much faster than the world's reaction to the problem.

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