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Monday, August 11, 2008
Ford Fiesta ECOnetic
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2009 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic - Ultra Fuel Economy

(Updated From Paris Auto Show - October 3, 2008) 

The Ford Motor Company launched its ultra fuel efficient 2009 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic at the 2008 British Motor Show in July 2008. At the Paris Motor Show on October 3, 2008, we took this photo of the 2009 Fiesta ECOnetic and have updated the article accordingly. Ford's Fiesta ECOnetic gets excellent fuel economy with a U.S. highway mileage of 74 mpg (3.18 L/100 km / 88.8 Imp MPG), a city mileage of 51 mpg (4.61 L/100 km / 61.3 Imp MPG) and the combined European driving cycle mileage is 63.9 mpg (3.68 L/100 km / 76.8 Imp MPG).

It was a surprise move by Ford to launnch such an efficient car, and they stole the show with a car that sets the future trend for fuel economy on the international motoring stage. The ECOnetic uses a Ford 1.6 L four cylinder TDCi turbo-diesel engine rated at 89 hp (66.4 kW) and producing a very low 98 g/km of CO2 emissions. It can seat up to five passengers and comes in a 3-door and 5-door configuration.

Ford's engineers have incorporated significant aerodynamic features into the new Fiesta ECOnetic to achieve the optimum fuel economy. The front facia is unique to the ECOnetic to improve aerodynamics and specially designed high laminar airflow wheel covers have been installed to reduce air resistance. Rear air deflectors channel air more smoothly off the back of the car to reduce overall drag and low rolling resistance tires reduce fuel consumption. The Fiesta ECOnetic model has a lowered suspension ride height to the standard 2009 Fiesta to keep under body air resistance at a minimum.

Ford is aiming for a release date of the 2009 Fiesta range to the United States for the end of 2009. Using engineering concepts derived from the Fiesta ECOnetic, they also have the potential to become the first car manufacturer to break the 100 mpg barrier for a gasoline powered car.

Ford United Kingdom has indicated that the 2009 Fiesta ECOnetic will be available in the U.K. for the end of 2008. The announced price for the 3-door Fiesta ECOnetic is £11,845 ($22,748 U.S.) and for the 5-door as £12,445 ($23,901 U.S.).

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