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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Ford Edge HySeries Concept Vehicle
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Ford Edge Hy Series - Hybrid Plug-In Fuel Cell Vehicle

At the EVS 23 show in California this week, The Ford Motor Company displayed what they pioneered, the Edge Plug-In Hybrid Fuel Cell vehicle. This vehicle generated a lot of attention at the show because of the full electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology that it merges into a hybrid concept called HySeries Drive.

This Edge HySeries Concept vehicle can run the first 25 miles (40km) of driving at up 136 kph (85 mph) as a full electric vehicle. When the battery reaches 40% charge left, the hydrogen fuel cell kicks in and acts to generate the battery while driving. This advanced technology allows the Edge HySeries to go an additional 320 - 480 km (200 - 300 miles) depending upon the choice of high-pressure tank, to give a total combined hybrid range of 360 - 520 km (225 - 300 miles).

The specifications for the vehicle are impressive: a 35 kW Fuel Cell, a 130 kW Motor with dual electric drives, a 350 bar (4.5 kg) Hydrogen Storage Tank, 5 Passenger Seating, Electric All-Wheel-Drive, Overnight Charging 110/220 V AC Plug In, and Zero Emissions (C02).

Ford's Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, Sue Cischke, has said that Ford have "made sustainability a long-term strategic business priority" and the reason is simple: We're a 100 year old company" and Ford has started the process to celebrate their next 100 years.

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