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Monday, October 06, 2008
Fashion - Paris Auto Show 2008
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Fashion Mixes With Cars At The 2008 Paris Auto Show

The 2008 Paris Auto Show (Paris Mondial De L'Automobile) opened to the public on October 4 and runs until October 19, 2008 at the Porte De Versailles in Paris. Paris being one of the great centres of the fashion world, Paris Mondial De L'Automobile 2008 was also an auto show to mix beautiful women, fashionable clothes and of course classy high technology automobiles. It was probably the first year when the ultimate in glamour was mixed with both high performance and also high efficiency cars, like the new Toyota iQ.

Fiat presented their cars with fashion models wearing white knee length skirts and a lime green accent belt that had a metal Fiat emblem attached to it. Models for Ferrari were dressed in black evening, and black evening with silver horizontal woven pattern dresses. Maserati went with white evening, and turquoise short with black patent leather belt accessory dresses. Lancia models wore black high thigh evening, and black and white upper tux shirt style ensemble dresses (see photo). Alfa Romeo models wore black evening mid-thigh single wide strap with front black frill dresses with cling appearance. Almost every model was wearing high stiletto black patent leather closed toe shoes.

At Infiniti cars, the models were dressed in Kenzo mid-thigh black and turquoise pattern dresses with black stiletto heels. Suzuki models wore turquoise-rose knee length dresses with turquoise-rose waist coats with half length sleeves. At Lamborghini, the models wore above the knee thin strap evening dresses with low medium-v cleavage cut. Toyota demonstrated their new iQ with the models wearing black designer pants and a white sleeveless blouse.

Over at Lotus Cars, it was black thin strap and knee length evening dresses, and at Venturi's cars their new micro urban electric car was presented by models who were dressed in cream evening and black evening dresses, that had a cling to the body appearance to accentuate the curves.


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