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Thursday, December 06, 2007
EVS 23 2007: Electric Powered Vehicles Arrive In California
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The Future: Zero Emissions Transportation

The EVS 23 Battery - Hybrid - Fuel Cell show finished up yesterday in Anaheim California, and ran from December 2-5, 2007. The show was a huge success for the Electric Drive Transportation Association that organised the event. It highlighted how far the electric, the hybrid and the fuel cell vehicle have come towards sitting in everyone's home parking spot. There was significant representation from the major manufacturers this year and it was clear that they all see zero emissions vehicles as their future.

The key message from the show was that technology in batteries and fuel cells and electric drive motors is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of the automobile manufacturers. Panasonic was at the show to demonstrate their advances in battery technology and Hitachi Automotive Systems had their advanced prototype in-line Regenerative Braking and Propulsion Motors available for viewing.

The major manufacturers brought their most advanced vehicles to EVS 23. Daimler showed off their new full electric Smart Car and their Daimler F-CELL A-Class hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. American Honda Motor Company had a production Honda FCX Clarity on display, which was recently announced as a production lease vehicle for the Los Angeles area. The FCX Clarity represents the first production fuel cell vehicle released to the world market.

General Motors had a working example of its Chevrolet Volt Concept car on display and drove it away at the end of the show. Ford had the Edge Hy Series Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Electric concept car, which also generated a lot of interest. Toyota had the new plug-in PHEV Prius, taking their hybrid gasoline cars to an even higher fuel economy capability by plugging them in when you get home. Tesla had a blue Tesla Roadster on display, and ZENN Motor Company had the ZENN, which is an excellent in town commuter. Chrysler's Global Electric Motorcars had their full range of GEM Models on display.

The vehicles that were at EVS 23 in Anaheim represent the future for automotive transportation on Earth. The rapid implementation of vehicles like these in North America, China, India and Europe will be one of the keys to zero emissions for our environment and the reduction of CO2 in the upper atmosphere.

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