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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Estrima Biro Electric Car
Image: © 2010

Estrima Biro - 100 kilometres costs 50 Eurocents

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - theirEarth photographed the Estrima Biro Electric car, marketed by Newtwon Electric Vehicles, at last week's 2010 Monte-Carlo Travel Market in the Principality of Monaco. The Estrima Biro Electrc seats two and is designed to be an inner city or inner town commuting vehicle, which is excellent for shopping errands. The Estrima Biro is powered from a 8x12V lead-gel battery pack that delivers a maximum power output of 4 kW. Newteon says that the Estrima Biro Electric can reach a full charge in under eight hours from a standard household outlet. Newteon says that performance characteristics are a driving range of 60 km (37.5 miles), and the top speed of 45 km/h (28.1 mph).

The Estrima Biro electric car has a 3mm steel tube chassis and weighs (726 lbs) with its battery pack. Standard brakes are four-wheel hydraulic disc type with a conventional hand brake for parking. Tempered glass is used for the front windshield, the tilt-open sunroof, and for the rear back glass. As an option, the Estrima Biro can be equipped with a door kit and seat belts for an additional 800 Euros, and a radio is a 503 Euro charge.

In France, the Estrima Biro has a retail price of 8400 Euros (without doors) and 9200 Euros (with the door option and the seat belts). Seat belts can also be purchased as a separate option for 144 Euros. In many European countries there are also additional rebates and benefits for purchasing an electric car, and these would cause a further reduction in the purchase price. The Newteon Biro Electric is available in thirteen different paint colours. Newteon says the Estrima Biro has an operating cost for electricity of about 50 Eurocents per 100 km or $1.33 U.S. per 100 miles.

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