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Thursday, August 28, 2008
Eric Clapton In Monte-Carlo
Image: © Monte-Carlo SBM photos/Réalis

Eric Clapton's Monte-Carlo Concert At The Sporting Club

Eric Clapton performed two sold-out shows at Monte-Carlo's Sporting Club in Monaco on August 22nd and 23rd. Clapton's concert was delivered in the Sporting Club's 'Salle Des Etoiles' concert hall, and he showed off his musical capability on the guitar and his mastery of the Blues to the assembled audience. It was fitting that the 2008 Monte-Carlo Sporting Festival season concluded with Eric Clapton's two performances, as he brought his brilliance to Monaco to finish off a very successful summer of top performing acts at the Sporting.

The two Monaco concerts were Clapton's final gigs from his 2008 Summer Tour, which started this year on May 3rd in Tampa Bay, Florida and included 27 concert dates that took him to the East Coast of the United States, Canada, and then throughout cities in Europe. When you see Eric Clapton open up with the intro to "Layla" its similar to watching a sprinter prepare for a big opening burst, as he really brings the acoustics to life with his guitar in just a few seconds. He also matches this with a wonderful singing style, blended in precision with his guitar and his band. Such is Eric Clapton's following, that a check of the song "Layla" on YouTube shows it has had almost 5.5 million views.

The audience joined in when he performed the hits "Cocaine" and "Wonderful Tonight" from his "Slowhand" album. What makes Eric Clapton one of the highest ranked guitar players in the world is his ability to give each note or chord a distinct sound bite, and the gift to blast this out in rhythm and at incredible speed. When Clapton plays songs like "Wonderful Tonight" or "Layla", two distinctly different guitar intros, you can see that he enjoys delivering the complexity of the sound, and sharing this with his audience.

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