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Friday, December 12, 2008
ENEL and Daimler e-mobility Italy
ClikImage: © 2008 Daimler AG

ENEL and Daimler - Italy's Electric Car Infrastructure

In the historic city of Pisa, Italy's largest electricity provider, ENEL, announced on December 2, 2008 that they were going to join forces with Daimler AG to install the initial infrastructure for a network of 100 electric smart ed vehicles for the cities of Pisa, Rome and Milan. The new smart ed is a 100% electric car that runs off a lithium ion battery pack, produces zero emissions, and is expected to become commercially available for purchase in 2010. 

At the historic announcement in Pisa, Italy, Fulvio Conti, CEO and General Manager of Enel, Bram Schot, Chairman and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Italia, Marco Filippeschi, Mayor of Pisa, and the Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno's representative, Fabio De Lillo, were all present to launch the initiative. The electric car infrastructure is called e-mobility Italy, and it mirrors a similar network that Daimler has started installing in Berlin (e-mobility Berlin).

Daimler AG and Enel will together install an initial customer base of 100 smart ed electric's in the three cities (Rome, Milan, and Pisa), including a charging system of 400 stations, linked together with a smart charging operations centre. The new smart ed is expected to have long waiting list when it is launched in 2010. The smart fortwo ed is a zero emissions car and has very good performance characteristics. At the 2008 Paris Auto Show in October of this year, the new smart ed was a star attraction.

The photo shows the city of Pisa, Italy's famous Leaning Tower Of Pisa, whose foundation's were started in 1173 and almost immediately thereafter started to have problems with their stability to support the Tower. Recently, the Leaning Tower of Pisa has its foundations stabilized with significant engineering work that was performed on its foundations in order to guarantee the longevity of what is one of Italy's most famous landmarks.

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