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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Emily Procter - Barry Munday
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Emily Procter Interview At The Monte-Carlo Television Festival

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - theirEarth's Managing Director, Christopher Wheat, had the opportunity to interview the beautiful actress Emily Procter last week at the 2009 Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Emily is very well known for playing the role of Calleigh Duquesne on the hit series "CSI: Miami" and also for her earlier portrayal of Ainsley Hayes on the series "The West Wing". Emily was very charming when Christopher spoke with her at the Television Festival and she was a pleasure to talk to.

Emily Procter will soon be appearing in a new movie being released called "Barry Munday", in which she plays the role of Deborah. While in Monte-Carlo at the Film Festival, she said that she had the opportunity to go out for dinner with the actors and actresses from the "CSI: New York" series, and she said that the way they described it, it sounded like they had a great set to shoot their series on. Emily also discussed her ability to play the card game 'Black Jack' well, and she said that when she was young, her dad taught her how to count using playing cards, but that she hasn't played for a while. 

Emily was asked what she liked to do in her spare time, and she said that she is currently working on the completion of her house and finishing up the landscaping and interior decoration items. Emily says that when she wants to relax, she loves to take one of her bicycles out for a ride, and she has three different types, of which one is a mountain bike. Procter says she is adept at hitting the trails with the mountain bike and riding up and down steep terrain.

About being a television star, she said that she had to toughen up at first when she hit the big league, and that she learned the ropes by a few mistakes. Emily Procter got her big break on the series "The West Wing", but she said that one thing people don't realize is that before that series, she had been acting six years already in various cameo roles in movies and television series. Emily's great pal is Kevin, her 17-year old cat who has been with her from her not being famous to now being a television star. she said that Kevin had not been well recently, and had to stay with the vet, but that he had now recovered. 

We found Emily Procter to be an absolutely charming and sexy woman. For a Hollywood star actress, she is a very real person - someone who you can just sit down for a coffee with and enjoy your conversation.

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