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Monday, July 07, 2008
Elettrica Electric Car - Italy
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Elettrica Electric Car - Designed in Milan, Italy

The Elettrica is an electric car designed in Milan, Italy with seating for two adults. It is a 'micro car', which often obtains the classification of a 'quadricycle' for vehicle registration. Getting a picture of an Elettrica is a difficult task as there are not many on the road in Europe to photograph. The car has specifications that make it ideal for use as a city commuter, and it is also a ZEV (zero emissions vehicle).

The lithium battery version of the Elettrica has a range of 80 km (50 miles),a charging time of 4-6 hours, and a top speed of 69 km/h (43 mph). The lead-acid battery version has a range of 40 km (25 miles), an 8 hour charge time, and a top speed of 56km/h (35 mph).

The Elettrica's safety features incorporate an aluminium safety cage in a double-wishbone shape, as seen in the profile of the passenger cabin. It has front and rear impact bars, and the cabin is designed to provide protection from front or side impacts. The Elettrica also comes with disc brakes and a tinted glass roof.

The worldwide distribution details of the Elettrica Car are not formally announced yet, but cars with this type of design profile are bound to become more numerous on the roads in the future because of the efficiency of the shape as a city commuter.

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