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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Edun Apparel - Ali Hewson and Bono Establish The Style
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EDUN - Promoting Sustainability

Edun Apparel with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, was founded by Ali Hewson, Bono (U2), along with designer Rogan Gregory in the the Spring of 2005. EDUN is a fashion brand that is setting its own style and gaining in popularity.

EDUN sources its garments in order to help transform areas of poverty throughout the world by following a business model that returns profits directly to the communities where the clothing is manufactured. EDUN's current manufacturing locations are in India, Peru, Tunisia, Kenya, Uganda, Lesotho, Mauritius, and Madagascar. Through the brand EDUN, Ali Hewson and Bono want to inspire change by creating meaningful economies for these communities and promote the adoption of the EDUN business model by other fashion houses.

The EDUN brand markets its fashion to women, men and children with tops, bottoms, denim, dresses, jackets, knits and sweaters as part of the collection. EDUN is available at specialty stores and at selected retail stores in the United States, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Greece. A selected range of EDUN fashion can also be purchased online at the company's website ( and shipping is available for global web based purchases to over 200 countries.

The sub-brand "edun LIVE" was launched in 2007 which produces wholesale white and black organic cotton T-Shirts for business to business (B2B) quantity purchases. The EDUN T-Shirts are made in Africa from 'grower to sewer' and edun Live sells these online for onward shipment throughout the world.

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