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Sunday, June 07, 2009
Doug Davidson - Michelle Stafford
Image: 2009 Wheat Images

Doug Davidson & Michelle Stafford - "The Young and The Restless"

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - The 2009 49th Monte-Carlo Television Festival started this evening in Monaco and a large contingent of U.S. and international television stars were at the opening night. On the red carpet, we photographed the duo of Michelle Stafford and Doug Davidson, who both star in the long-running daytime television series "The Young and The Restless". Doug Davidson joined "The Young and The Restless" television show in May 1978 to play the part of private investigator, Paul Williams.

Michelle Stafford plays the role of Phyllis Newman on "The Young and The Restless", and she joined cast for the 1994 season. In the series, Stafford's Phyllis is always getting herself into trouble and being highly deceptive, which is the complete opposite of Michelle Stafford's charming and genuine off-screen personality.theirEarth will interview both Doug Davidson and Michelle Stafford this week and we will run these on the site later in the week immediately after the interviews have been completed.

At the opening of the 2009 Monte-Carlo Television Festival this evening, the world premiere of "Back Door Channels - The Price Of Peace" was shown, which was an absolutely fabulous real life documentary covering the behind the scenes events and personalities that together orchestrated the 1979 Peace Accord between Egypt and Israel. The 1979 Peace Agreement was officially signed by Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Israel's Menachem Begin, with then U.S. President Jimmy Carter playing the key role of forging the two leaders towards a peaceful solution for what had previously been a path full of brutal fighting between the two countries.

"Back Door Channels - The Price Of Peace" is a brilliantly told real life story that  details the nuances of each involved character's personality that played their role in the  peace process. The motivations and human characteristics that developed into the Peace Accord are explored, and the story told with such passion, that you almost feel part of the history taking place before your eyes.


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