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Monday, January 05, 2009
Do We Have The Capability?
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Humanity's Quest For A Future Requires Cooperation

Investments in environmental sustainability companies have become the new 'hot' growth sectors of the world economy. This can be seen in the rapidly expanding and profitable energy sector companies like Wind Turbine, Solar Electric, and Solar Thermal energy. Additionally, new emerging Earth organic technology companies that are working on new organic restorative techniques, products, maintenance and organic professional services, are the new stellar stocks to provide huge financial gains for the future. Basically, we will not survive without the promotion of these new types of companies, so it is a good time to enter into those stocks affiliated with environmental restorative products and services in order to get in at the 'ground level' of the equity pricing.

Within the current financial crisis, the promotion and provision for new financial structures to build and restore the global environment are essential. The United Nations Environment Programme has been working very hard to align UN member countries' activities towards Earth restoration efforts, but unfortunately the progress has been very slow to get aligned commitments from countries, who in some cases look first at assuring a positive end result towards economic interests and legacy politics , as opposed to environmental restorative efforts to save the Planet.

Saving the Planet requires that all humanity integrate new techniques in commerce and investment, including the creation of financial instruments to promote long-term investment structures and returns in environmental technology and environmental industries. It is also time to weed out the 'crap' that has been seen in the financial markets and politics of late. The word 'corruption' needs to disappear from our vocabulary if humanity is to have a future here. It cannot be acceptable to conduct one's affairs only in the interest of personal wealth creation or greed when this comes at the expense of the Planet and the viability of our future generations.

There are probably less than 54 months left to get all of the Earth destructive practices moving rapidly into a deceleration mode globally (i.e. a reversal of course). With this also comes the massive task of eliminating all of the negative influences that support the destruction of world environments today. Some of the current major sustainability issues associated with mankind's survivability are:

  1. How do we stop the near complete destruction of all aqua marine life on Earth due to techniques such as drag net fishing, dynamite blast fishing, and massive over fishing and water pollution. There is no future for us without very healthy oceans, seas, and rivers!
  2. Global Warming - massive reductions in worldwide CO2 and Chlorofluorocarbon emissions is essential. The truth is that we will only start to see a reduction in global CO2 levels when the current pollution levels are reduced to just 20% or lower of the current levels.
  3. Massive reductions in the non-sustainable over consumption of natural resources - water, trees, soil, oil, and metals. Needs to move to a sustainable model.
  4. Establishing the global sustainability agenda: "how will humanity and the other plants and animals survive the next thousand years on Earth?
  5. Water conservation and its preservation, including the cleaning up of the worldwide toxicity in oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams, and monumental reductions of toxic waste entering all water bodies on Earth
  6. Absolute elimination of all consumer based plastic consumption/waste in favour of sterile washing, glass recycling, and the creation of bulk standardised reusable glass containers/bottles for all sizes for the food and toileteries industries.

There is only one environmental system that works to ensure the sustainability of humanity and other animals and plants on Earth. This is the natural one that is intricately associated with the harmony developed through natural biodiversity. Throughout the world, ecosystem restoration and structural support will become the hugely profitable business over the next ten years. Regardless of the area or field, those companies that start to invest significantly in Earth saving technology, products, or services, will be the ones who are successful, while the others will simply fade away.

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