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Sunday, October 07, 2007
Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling, Trams and Trains

Visitors to the Netherlands (Holland), will see that the Dutch have always had an eye towards the conservation of energy and efficient transportation. The Netherlands, home to some of the largest electicity producing windmill farms in the world, is an excellent model for energy conservation. Dutch cities like The Hague and the largest city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam (circa 740 000 population), all incorporate energy saving infrastructures.

In the Netherlands, one must become accustomed to either riding a bicycle or riding the Tram. There are dedicated bicycle roads to move across cities. Each citizen of this country is familiar with these two forms of transport. There are massive bicycle parking lots where you lock your bicycle, after cycling from home, to then proceed to catch your train or tram to work. The trams are electric with overhead wires and have priority to move before cars, which must wait to let the trams pass.

The tram networks exist in Amsterdam, the Hague and Rotterdam, and are run by the companies GVB, HTM and RET respectively. The railway system is very quick between the major cities throughout the country. Large masses of people move throughout the Netherlands very efficiently using pedal power and electric powered transport. In the cities at rush hour, if you bother to take a car within a city, you will probably arrive at your destination much later than the tram does. For this reason, most people use the public transport to get around. Nearly everyone is also accustomed to riding a bicycle to get somewhere, even with child carrier seats attached, so as to move the whole family.

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