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Thursday, September 04, 2008
Cleaning Up Planet Earth
Image: courtesy of NASA

Making The Most Of The Planet For Future Generations

There are many elements to the restoration of Planet Earth, home to all animals, plants and micro-organisms, and probably the first is what positive steps can humanity take to initiate a change in direction from the general course that it is on. Overall, sustainability will be achieved by tackling each area that needs to improve in our environment and identifying what specifically can be done to improve each, so that a future for the Planet is assured.

The speed and extent to which humanity tackles reversing the destruction to the environment is directly related to what will happen to the Planet if it doesn't. What is clear is that in many parts of Earth, pollution and environmental over consumption are wiping out the very existence that people are striving to achieve. Whereas profit, investments, and one's overall portfolio are important, this needs to be integrated with a cleaner environment. The value of a glass of clean drinking water is priceless when there is little of it to be had, as is the quality of clean air and maintaining it that way.

Recently Prince Charles of the United Kingdom had some good words that spoke about the need to protect biodiversity and to remember that organic life is dependent upon a healthy overall ecosystem that is tested and proven. One need only look around at the rapid deterioration of the Planet to realise that the quest for profit alone is not paving anyone's path towards success and that the timeframe to reverse the Planet's decay is becoming very short. The oceans and seas are in desperate need of everyone's care and attention to restore the life that was once there.

Sustainability will be the profitable 21st Century business. There are many new investment areas that will lead towards success. One need only look at the state of the Planet to realise that the new environmental industries will have to be successful to create our future!

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