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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Building The British Green Economy
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Eighteen Firms forge 'British Green Economy'

It is expected that BP, British Telecom, Tesco and 15 other British firms will launch a 'green' initiative in the United Kingdom through a public announcement today. The intent will be to push Britain's industries and service sectors towards advanced development of environmentally friendly technology while laying a foundation for economic competitiveness throughout the world through the early deployment of 'green' infrastructures.

The eighteen companies that are part of the initiative will both promote new environmental technology and also invest in it through business effective utilisation of zero emissions energy and environmentally friendly systems and infrastructures. BP (British Petroleum) is probably the most significant petroleum energy company to be transitioning their capital investments into zero emissions energy, so it is only appropriate that they help lead the task force along with British Telecom and Tesco.

BP's strategy appears to be paying off as the world is putting more focus on the necessity of zero emissions energy. BP has solar panel manufacturing facilities in Spain and India. They have invested in a capacity capability to generate up to 15, 000 MW of electricity using wind turbines, and have worked with companies like Air Products on the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructures throughout the world. This should generate a lot of interest in their stock in the near future, and help them carry their capital investment strategy forward.

The announced 18 Company Task Force will align well with U.K. Prime Minster Gordon Brown's initiatives to lead the global industrialized world towards significant reductions in CO2 gases and other air pollutants within an urgent timeframe. The U.N Delegates meeting in Bali, Indonesia starting on December 3 next month will be the test of all Nations resolve to secure a future for humanity by establishing substantial emissions reduction targets that are universally applicable and enforced.


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