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Monday, March 16, 2009
Brabus smart ED - Electric
Image: © 2009

Brabus smart ED (Electric Drive) A Hit In Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Brabus brought their smart fortwo Electric Drive concept car to this months Geneva Motor Show (held in Switzerland March 5 - 15, 2009) and it was on display at smart car's stand. The Brabus smart fortwo Electric Dirive is painted in matt green, and has been designed to make the statement that environmentally friendly does not mean drab and boring.

The Brabus fortwo Electric Drive uses a state-of-the-art lithium ion battery pack, and it has been designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating new environmental engineering techniques that promote the protection of the environment and inspire a future for automotive transport. For instance, the interior fabrics are derived from natural organically derived cloths that are entirely sustainable.

The Brabus smart fortwo ED is designed in a cabriolet body, with a white soft top. Brabus has installed LED Daytime Running Lights and the exterior of the Brabus ED is painted in matt green. Interior styling within the Brabus smart incorporates the colours of pale green and with white, using leather and sustainable fabrics for seat coverings and trim.

Brabus is known for its performance engineering, and on the Brabus smart ED, the suspension is highly engineered to deliver optimum sports performance, including Brabus "Monoblock VII" alloy wheels in a five double-spoke design. The accelerator is also linked to a Brabus sound generator that aids in notifying pedestrians that the car is approaching by using an audible video game car sound for acceleration and deceleration.

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