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Friday, May 09, 2008
BMW X6 Active Hybrid Concept Car
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BMW X6 Hybrid Expected In 2009

BMW's X6 Hybrid was one of the stars at the 2008 Top Marques Motor Show in Monaco last month. BMW indicated that they expect to launch the X6 Hybrid in mid to late 2009. It was first seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the fall of 2007. BMW has been developing Active Hybrid technology for application to all of its future models and have formed a development partnership with Daimler and General Motors called the "Global Hybrid Cooperation" to share hybrid drive design technology.

The complete specifications and expected list price of the X6 Hybrid (ActiveHybrid) are not yet available, but BMW has indicated that one of the X6 Hybrid's advanced technology features is its two-mode active transmission. The new X6 is currently on its European launch at BMW Dealers and the trend setting shape of the rear quarter is proving to be a huge success for them. When the hybrid X6 has its debut in 2009, the transmission will use twin hybrid electric motors in both high torque low speed mode and a high speed acceleration mode, and capture regenerative braking energy from deceleration.

BMWs Active Hybrid drive technology provides an efficiency savings of 20% over the conventional X6 and they term this 'Efficient Dynamics'. BMW may enhance the efficiency of the X6 Hybrid with plug-in charging capability or could offer this as a dealer installed option at a later date. Plug-in charging would require doubling the size of the X6's conventional hybrid battery pack, or designing an optional location for the addition of a second battery pack (called a Battery Range Extender Module or BREM).

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