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Friday, June 12, 2009
Ashley Jones - Talented Actress
Image: © 2009 / C. Wheat

Ashley Jones's Beauty Shines At The 49th Monte-Carlo TV Festival

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - theirEarth photographed "The Bold and The Beautiful" star actress, Ashley Jones, yesterday evening, immediately after her television series had won the International TV Audience Award for the highest number of international viewers at the 2009 Monte-Carlo Television Festival. The photo really captured Ashley's fashionable beauty and she looked great in the aqua blue dress she was wearing for the evening.

Ashley Jone's career is on a role at the moment, because in addition to starring as Bridget Forrester on "The Bold and The Beautiful", she is also a co-star in the HBO series "True Blood", where she plays Daphne, the sexy ambitious bar maid. Ashley has also been reading a few motion picture scripts recently, and is being very selective about an upcoming role in a Hollywood motion picture. In order to shoot a Hollywood film, she would have to balance her career work with a very busy schedule on "The Bold and The Beautiful" and "True Blood".

Ashley's real break into show business came with her role on the very popular television soap series "The Young and The Restless", where she played the character of Megan Dennison Viscardi. Jones says she never started off in life with the idea of entering the entertainment industry, but one thing led to another and by starting off in TV commercials and some theatre, she soon moved completely in front of the television lens on a daytime series.


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