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Friday, April 11, 2008
Are We Doing Enough About Global Warming?

Finding A Solution To Global Warming

On March 16, 2008 the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released data about the fate of the world's mountain glaciers in a study that had been conducted on 30 reference glaciers in 9 mountain ranges. In brief, it concluded that for the majority of these glaciers, the rate of melting erosion had doubled between the comparison periods of 2005-2006 versus 2004-2005. These same concerns are mirrored in the melting of the glacial ice caps in the northern Polar Regions and in Antarctica.

In support of the global concern about the rate of glacier melting, Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director said "there are many canaries emerging in the climate change coal mine. The glaciers are perhaps among those making the most noise and it is absolutely essential that everyone sits up and takes notice."

Recently within the financial markets and amongst the world's Finance and Environment Ministers, there have been some excellent initiatives started to support investments in clean technology and environmental restoration, but the key question to ask is are we doing enough given the severity of global warming?

Given the rate of decay of the glaciers and the world's reaction to the problem the report card to take home to our ancestors would probably score us at 5 out of 100 versus humanity's capability to achieve a better result. If this score is the correct level of our achievement, then there is some serious 'sitting up' to do because we are failing at the battle of global warming and are in the midst of losing the home we call 'Earth'.

The solution to global warming is financial, political, regulatory and environmental and all four elements need to work together amongst all Nations for there to be success. The solution is a structural overhaul of the way we all work together throughout the world with an emphasis on protecting and restoring the environment by creating financial, political and regulatory supporting elements that reduce pollution. There is also a huge need to adopt a conservation approach on the Planet as the consumption is currently excessive and little is being done at the moment to reduce consumption of resources.

Finally, the world agenda needs to quickly move from 'talk' to 'project' and start the process of saving the Planet through detailed plans. The United Nations, and the world's Leaders can reverse global warming if our human intellect is used at its capacity to achieve and our ability to respect each other is not compromised.

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