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Friday, March 06, 2009
Anastacia - World Artist Award
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Anastacia Wins 'World Artist Award' At Women's World Awards 2009

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - Singer and songwriter, Anastacia, won the World Artist Award yesterday evening at the Women's World Awards 2009 in Vienna Austria. Anastacia also delivered an excellent live performance of "I'm Outta Love", which got her appreciative audience singing with her. She had some warm messages for her fans and she was honoured to receive the Women's World Awards 2009 - Artist Award.

Anastacia said that she was amongst very good company with the other women who had received awards this year, and that she was grateful to be amongst those who had "made a difference". She said that throughout her career she has always taken the steps that she felt were in the direction she wanted to follow, and it was great that others had not discounted this approach in the selection of her for the award.

All of the winners of last night Women's World Awards 2009 were very humble in there acceptance speeches and it was good to hear them afterwards give their own unique interpretation of the merits women have in overall society and how special the contribution each delivers is to all of us.

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