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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
America's Mayors Creating 'Green' Economic Success In The Cities
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Global Survival: American Mayors Discuss The Environment

The United States Conference Of Mayors met in Seattle on November 2nd, 2007 to discuss the subject of Climate Protection. Approximately 100 mayors, from all parts of the United States, convened to discuss moving their cities forward on a new environmental and economic path. Former President Bill Clinton and the Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg, delivered speeches to the assembled mayors as did former Vice-President Al Gore by satellite. If the mayors can start to move quickly on this issue it will cause a huge investment boom in the U.S. and also start new significant investments in renewable energy technologies.

Why was this good for America? Because this was a non-partisan gathering discussing the future of America's city infrastructures, and it was not just about green and the environment, it was about economics as well. City and town infrastructures are a very important issue not just in America, but in China and India and any other heavily populated area on Earth. Radical re-thinking of planning and transportation and internal economies needs to be undertaken for energy conservation. In addition, gradual re-distribution of some of the metropolis populations to regional areas may also become absolutely necessary to ensure conservation and sustainability.

City Mayors can have a large impact on reversing global warming and CO2 emissions because a large percentage of the global populations are concentrated in city centres and the most populated zones on the planet are also the areas of heaviest pollution. Many cities must work to enhance their transit, water treatment, garbage and distribution systems to conserve and have a close to zero impact on the environment.

Increasing the quality and speed of public transit systems and railway infrastructures is very important for energy conservation. The development of pedestrian zones, cycling pathways, and walking in the central city centres is also another way to promote conservation.

The message that Former President Bill Clinton, Former Vice-President Al Gore and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg delivered in Seattle to the American Mayors was applicable to the internal economic development of the United States, and for any other Country. The overall message is that city infrastructures that are favourable to the environment become profitable contributors to the city economy and its revenue base.

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