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Saturday, November 29, 2008
Alicia Keys - Superwoman Song
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Alicia Keys And The Song "Superwoman"

We caught a great photo of Alicia Keys at the 2008 World Music Awards this month, and she was singing her new hit "Superwoman" on stage in the photo. Alicia Keys is a real artist and she can go from near Hip-Hop to Mozart with her love of music and the gift of the piano.

In Alicia Key's new music video for "Superwoman" she takes on different personas, and plays a businesswoman, a 'Supermom', an astronaut, a Pharaoh, and an African. Alicia Keys wrote the song "Superwoman", as she explained, because she had something to say for all the women out there working for better days to come, and it is even a song that Alicia draws energy from. When Alicia feels down she reaches out to her piano and plays it.

This summer in Monaco, Alicia Keys said that the "Superwoman" song both inspires her and is written to inspire others. That is to say that it says that no matter how down you could be, when you're in a mess, you can still come forward and shine with the strength that is in you. Alicia's music is real soul and its great to hear an artist who both cares for others, all humanity, and can deliver a tune in such a magnificent way.

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