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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Agata Gotova Shines In Monte-Carlo Monaco
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Agata Gotova At The World Premiere Of 'Say It In Russian'

Russian actress Agata Gotova was full of enthusiasm and beauty Monday night in Monte-Carlo, Monaco along with her co-star Rade Serbedzija (right) and the Russian rock star Igor Nikolaev (left) for the launch of their World Premiere motion picture 'Say It In Russian' . Gotova stars in the lead role of the film as Daria Larina, the daughter of a rich Russian mafia oligarch who falls in love with an American vacationing in Paris. The film had its opening night in Monte-Carlo and was a main event screening for the 2008 48th Monte-Carlo Television Festival.Russian actor Rade Serbedzija plays the part of the Russian mafia oligarch Raf Larin in the film.

Gotova's character Daria falls in love with the American Andrew Lamont, played by actor Steven Brand, but Andrew soon finds on a visit to Moscow that he is involved with a family that is more complicated and dangerous than he ever imagined. The film also stars Academy Award Winner Faye Dunaway, who plays the role of Jacqueline, a Paris socialite who acts as the matchmaker for Andrew and Daria.

Agata Gotovo introduced the 'Say It In Russian' film to the audience last night and helped to give a background on each of the movie's stars and the history of their involvement with the production. She was also assisted with the overview by her husband Kenneth Eade, who is the Executive Producer for the motion picture. 'Say It In Russian' was filmed in Moscow, Paris and Los Angeles and directed by Jeff Celentano, and edited by David Rawlins and William Anderson. The Premiere was extremely well received by the screening audience and there were very positive comments about the acting, the cinematography, the location shots, and the quality of the films musical score accompaniment.

The film's score was composed by Igor Nikolaev, who is a very famous Russian rock star. His musical talent in creating a movie orchestral score is clear and the music worked extremely well with each scene, even in a few instances playing the supporting role to the drama. Nikolaev was at the Premiere and showed his enthusiasm for the project to everyone in attendance.

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