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Monday, October 29, 2007
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About us is an international media and portal web site launched on September 21, 2007. The site promotes and provides information on the 21st century Environmental Economy. The theirEarth organisation works to ensure the web site develops with pure values and grows the solid foundation necessary to communicate environmental awareness, technical knowledge, infrastructure development, economic sustainability, and investment opportunity for both humanity and earth improvement initiatives. is both an original content news site and an international portal to other web sites. The core values of the Company are to provide objective news and business ventures that are ecologically pure, earth saving, non-political, non-government biased, fair, and respecting of all humanity regardless of origin. The links to the other sites will always collectively form part of a positive environment for improvement. Due to the rapid and ever changing landscape that humanity finds itself in, the goal is that the theirEarth web site will motivate all generations to build positive interactions within their communities, advance and implement new earth saving technologies, enhance and protect the environment, and help to bring harmony amongst all nations within the small planet Earth that we all share.

The site provides original content news and links to other sites for Environment, Humanity, Motoring, Sailing, Scuba Diving, New Technology, Investment, Governments, United Nations and International Standards with many other categories being added weekly. It is dedicated to the future generations so that they may prosper, and co-exist in harmony whilst having respect for the Earth, thus the terminology 'their' in theirEarth.
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