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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
2Face Ibidia - World Music Awards
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2Face Ibidia - Bringing Grace To The African Queen

2Face Ibidia brought his R&B music to the 2008 World Music Awards and won an award for Best Nigerian Act from the organisers. 2Face has worked the business for a long time in Africa and his efforts are starting to pay dividends on the international music scene. His music has real soul and sends a good message. His hit song "African Queen" is for all the women in this world and is, as he says, "a song about respect for every woman".

2Face Ibidia sings with African rhythms similar to the late Bob Marley and the sound that emanates from his voice is very good. His songs are great music to chill out to and they will probably have their time in 2009. 2Face performed "African Queen" live at the World Music Awards Pre-Party and was the star act for the evening.

Another song that will probably become a huge hit for 2Face is his "U No Holy Pass" which is recorded with a dance beat. "U No Holy Pass" could hit the worldwide clubs shortly, primarily because it is good sound, and with a remix by someone like top DJ, David Guetta, it could become simply awesome to dance to.

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