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Sunday, January 23, 2011
2012 Renault ZOE - Electric Car
Image: © 2011

Renault's ZOE Electric Car Arrives Mid-2012

PARIS, FRANCE - Renault announced at the 2010 Paris Motor Show that their new ZOE electric car (see photo) will be launched mid-2012, and be manufactured at their Flins plant in France. Renault says that the ZOE Preview electric car that they showed at Paris is 90% representative of what the production model will look like.

The Renault ZOE electric car is powered by a 60 kW (80 hp) electric motor with a maximum torque of 222 Nm, which Renault says gives the ZOE nimble acceleration. The ZOE Preview on display at Paris was clad with 19 inch alloy wheels and special Michelin aero low profile tires. Renault says that the ZOE's lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in 6 to 8 hours off a standard household outlet, or quick charged for 37 miles driving distance in 10 minutes, and in 30 minutes for an 80% capacity charge. Renault also says that there is "quickdrop" battery change possible, which can be accomplished in 3 minutes.

Renault has paid particular attention to air quality on the ZOE Preview electric car. The ZOE's air conditioning system monitors the humidity level in the car and automatically senses when there is a need to provide humidity for skin hydration. There is also a toxicity sensor that can signal the air vents to close and use the cabin air filter to clean the air until the vehicle enters cleaner air space. The ZOE also has a scent diffuser which releases scent to relax the driver during rush hour drives home, and another scent can be diffused at night to keep the driver vigilent on the road.

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