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Saturday, March 28, 2009
2010 Geneva Motor Show
Image: © 2009 Wheat Images

More Fashion and High-Tech Automobiles In Geneva For 2010

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - This year's 2009 Geneva Motor Show (2009 Salon International De L'Automobile Geneve) held between the dates March 5-15, 2009, was a huge success. The show brought the blend of cars, fashion, beauty and style together in the creation of a representative vision whose core was the future of efficient low emissions transport. The photo in the article shows a beautiful fashion model who was demonstrating the features and answering questions about Alfa Romeo's line of cars.

Next year, the 2010 Geneva Motor Show will be held during the dates of March 4th - March 14th, 2010, the show promises to be just as spectacular as this year with the display of yet further rapid advancements in automotive technology. In fact, it appears that the new 'cool' is powerful and efficient cars with zero or close to zero emissions whenever possible. Low CO2 output and efficiency is now becoming just as important for the automotive purchaser as acceleration and power.

Cars like the Mercedes-Benz's BlueZERO, the Tesla Roadster, the Tesla Model S, Fisker's Karma, Mitsubushi's i MiEV, Honda's FCX Clarity Fuel Cell, and smart's fortwo electric drive will be what people will want to be seen driving in in the future. For the racing enthusiast or GT aficionado, there is nothing more powerful than the potential torque derived from an electric motor for it's size and efficiency.

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