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Sunday, December 06, 2009
2009 Wood Racket Classic Tournament
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2009 International Wood Racket Classic Tournament

BEAULIEU, FRANCE - On Sunday November 22, 2009 in Beaulieu in the South Of France, the inaugural 1st International Wood Racket Classic Tournament was held at the Beaulieu Tennis Club. For 2010, the organizers are envisioning a worldwide live televised event with top ranked players from past and present coming to France to take part in the aid of charity. This year the tournament was held with masters pro stars from the French league.

From left to right, the tennis stars who participated in the inaugural 1st International Wood Racket Classic Tournament were:

Didier Frantz, Pierre Albuxcech, Jacques Gugliemi, Laurent Bensadoun, Bernard Balleret, Bjorn Ziegler, Jacques Vincileoni, Jacques Bonnemaison, Deleval Arnaud, Max Vincent, Christophe Bosio, Martial Carante, Christophe Ribero, Jean Pierre Somazzi, Paul Chaput, and it was presided over by Jacques Dorfman.

The International Wood Racket Classis Tournament was organized by Jean-Pierre Somazzi and Christophe Ribero in collaboration with Alain Moracchini. 

The ex-professional French players each brought with them rackets from their  playing collections of the years 1965 - 1985. A condition for the tournament is that the racket be of wood construction, however an official reproduction from a manufacturer, or new construction will also be acceptable for next year, provided that it falls within the engineering wood construction standards of 1965-1985. The selection of rackets at the tournament ranged from Gauthier, Dunlop Maxply, Adidas, and a Donway Borg Pro and all maunufactured between 1965 and 1985.

It was excellent to see the pure skill return to the ex-professionals, and for some they had not played tennis at a serious level for some time, nor used an old type racket, which requires a high degree of skill to find the sweet spot to return the ball accurately and with power. But very quickly their skill returned and by the time the finals came, it was a serious match with incredible tennis concentration delivered by the finalists.

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