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Thursday, December 25, 2008
2009 - The Year Ahead

theirEarth Wishes All Of You The Best For 2009

The theirEarth web site wishes everyone the best for 2009. Now is the time when we give thanks for all that has been given to us in this world. For your families, we wish you happiness, togetherness, joy, and peace. For those afflicted, or close to any illness or grief, we wish you or your loved ones a recovery and a better situation in the coming year.

In this holiday season, we hope that some of you can take a little time from your day and pause to enjoy the nature around you. Try to hear the sounds of the birds singing in the morning, or listen to the wind whistling through the trees, or the waves breaking against the rocks. Make the most of your relations in your families, and with your friends, and try to think of those less fortunate than yourselves - what could you do for them?

2009 will be a year that is full of challenges and progress. There is much work to do to start to rebuild the Planet's health, and just a little time left to ensure the recovery agenda is in motion globally. Most of the tasks require pure dedication and ingenuity from many. It is actually a very enjoyable, fascinating, and rewarding experience to give some of your energy towards the protection and restoration of your Planet. Everyone can do something towards this end and conservation is the first step. The key to building a future for the generations ahead is to gain a respect for what has been given to us - a planet with animals, plants, rocks, mountains, microorganisms, the rivers, the seas, and the oceans - and let us not forget the sun which shines on all of us. In 2009 it is essential that everyone starts to speak the word 'sustainability', and that they work themselves to ensure a future for humanity on this planet.

Progress will require a willingness to change, to be creative, to conserve; and to reach out to your neighbours, and to other countries, religions, and people, and foremost to put your home, the Earth, first. Those practices that are clearly destructive to the sustainability of humanity and other plants and animals need to be transformed rapidly, and the involved corporations must learn to react and adapt quickly to this change if they are to survive. We all have much to offer each other and let us use 2009 to develop these interactions further. Let us also be as intelligent as we can be in all countries and absolutely not fight each other, as this will only diminish our chances.

For everyone, in every corner of the Planet, theirEarth conveys to you the best wishes for the season, a Happy New Year, and we hope to provide you an even better theirEarth web site for 2009.

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2009 - The Year Ahead
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